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Philadelphia’s Eviction Crisis

By: Michaela Whitelaw, Public Health Fellow According to a 2017 study by the Reinvestment Fund, approximately one in 14 Philadelphia renters (20,000 families) face eviction filings every year, with filings disproportionately affecting African Americans and women. In 2016, over 10,200 Philadelphia renters were evicted, placing Philadelphia fourth in the country for the number of evictions that year. The Philadelphia eviction crisis is a result of systemic and social issues entrenched in a history of poverty, discrimination, and gentrification. While some evictions are legal and fair, a large number of eviction… Read more Philadelphia’s Eviction Crisis

Advocating for a Fair Workweek

Many low-income individuals are subject to erratic, unfair employment scheduling practices that interfere with their ability to receive ongoing and critical healthcare services; maintain other benefits; and secure childcare.  Constantly being “on call,” not knowing whether you will need to come in to work or not, even on your days off, leads to increased stress and a decreased quality of life. Advocates in the City of Philadelphia are encouraging City Council members to adopt Fair Work Week practices that will eliminate these unjust scheduling practices. On March 6th the Philadelphia… Read more Advocating for a Fair Workweek