Awards and Publications


HELP: MLP is a recognized, national leader in the medical-legal partnerships movement. In 2013, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership selected HELP: MLP to be one of five lead national trainers on issues of quality and sustainability. HELP: MLP staff have provided numerous hours of technical assistance to fledgling MLPs in the U.S. and abroad, trained law students, presented at national public health and MLP conferences, and published articles in peer-reviewed journals.  The following are a selection of our achievements and publications.


Attorneys Jordan Mickman and Laura Handel Schwartz on the Tone & Tenor Show on 3/31/17 discussing HELP: MLP: Tone & Tenor.


2016 National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships Distinguished MLP Advocate Award, Dan Atkins.

2015 National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships Distinguished MLP Advocate Award, Dr. James Teufel.


Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Spring 2017)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Winter 2016)

Medical-Legal Partnerships as a Strategy to Improve Social Causes of Stress and Disease,” (American Journal of Public Health, Oct. 2014).

Legal Aid Inequities Predict Health Disparities,” (Hamline Law Review, 2015).

Medical-Legal Partnership and Healthy Start: Integrating Civil Legal Aid Services into Public Health Advocacy,” (Journal of Legal Medicine, March 2016).

Lead continues to poison Philadelphia children: what can be done?” (, Dec. 2016).