Publications and Awards


HELP: MLP is a recognized, national leader in the medical-legal partnerships movement. In 2013, the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership selected HELP: MLP to be one of five lead national trainers on issues of quality and sustainability. HELP: MLP staff have provided numerous hours of technical assistance to fledgling MLPs in the U.S. and abroad, trained law students, presented at national public health and MLP conferences, and published articles in peer-reviewed journals.  The following are a selection of our achievements and publications.


Katherine Kinsey, Co-Director of the Nursing-Legal Partnership and Director of Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership participated on a panel hosted by Politico on Health Care Innovators: Addressing Social Determinants of Health on September 24, 2019.

Attorneys Jordan Mickman and Laura Handel Schwartz on the Tone & Tenor Show on March 13, 2017 discussing HELP: MLP: Tone & Tenor.

In the News:

Hidden figures: Jordan Casey is an advocate for some of the most vulnerable in our community. (February 17, 2021). Generocity. 

Extra burdens of coronavirus make legal aid vital to Delaware’s economic future. (June 17, 2020). Co-authored by Daniel Atkins.

Support legal aid and help prevent needless homeless deaths like last week’s.  (February 28, 2020). Delaware Online.

Pa. Legislative Black Caucus hosted hearing on health disparities. (July 11, 2019). The Philadelphia Tribune. HELP: MLP Managing Attorney Laura Handel quoted for her testimony provided to a hearing on health disparities hosted by the Pa. Legislative Black Caucus.

Why some are afraid to ask for WIC help: Agencies say immigrants are leaving nutrition program. (March 20, 2019). Philadelphia Inquirer. Quote by HELP: MLP Managing Attorney, Laura Handel Schwartz.

Foundation for Delaware County’s Nurse-Family Partnership Celebrates Decade of Success (September 14, 2018).

Home visits from education experts are improving outcomes for Philly kids in poverty (August 8, 2018). Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership and the Nursing-Legal Partnership cited as effective home visitation models in Philadelphia.

HELP: MLP director, Dan Atkins, was featured on The Delaware Way discussing the value of legal services on May 2, 2018:

To Reduce Unfair Evictions Tenants Need Lawyers (March 16, 2017). Article by Jake Blumgart in PlanPhilly describing how HELP: MLP assisted a client with a poor housing case.

Lead continues to poison Philadelphia children: what can be done? (March 3, 2017). Article on

Legal Aid Groups Tout Study Showing Economic Benefits to State (April 20, 3018). Quote by Daniel Atkins who is also the Executive Director of Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. in Delaware.


2016 National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships Distinguished MLP Advocate Award, Dan Atkins.

2015 National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships Distinguished MLP Advocate Award, Dr. James Teufel.


Race as a Social Determinant of Health: Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic in Delaware (co-authored by HELP: MLP co-founders Daniel Atkins and Bob Hayman)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Summer 2020)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter(Spring 2020)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Winter 2019)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Fall 2019)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Summer 2019)

Nursing-Legal Partnership Impact Report 2016-2018

Know-Your-Rights-as-a-Renter-in-PA (Winter 2018; contributions by HELP: MLP attorney Jordan Casey)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Winter 2018)

Debunking Five Myths Linked to the Narrow Perspective of Access to Justice Know-Your-Rights-as-a-Renter-in-PA (Fall 2018)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Fall 2018)

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (highlighted medical-legal partnerships as an effective strategy; several of HELP: MLP’s publications are cited)

Nursing-Legal Partnership Quarterly Update (Summer 2018)

Nursing-Legal Partnership Impact on Nurses Factsheet (July 2018)

June 2018 – NLP Progress Report (June 2018)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Spring 2018)

Nursing-Legal Partnership progress report (January 2018)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Summer 2017)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Spring 2017)

Nursing-Legal Partnership quarterly newsletter (Winter 2016)

Medical-Legal Partnerships as a Strategy to Improve Social Causes of Stress and Disease (American Journal of Public Health, Oct. 2014).

Legal Aid Inequities Predict Health Disparities (Hamline Law Review, 2015).

Medical-Legal Partnership and Healthy Start: Integrating Civil Legal Aid Services into Public Health Advocacy (Journal of Legal Medicine, March 2016).