Nursing-Legal Partnership Webinar & Learning Collaborative

Thanks to everyone who joined us on 1/21 to learn about our Nursing-Legal

nfp group photo
Graduation ceremony for Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership participants.

Partnership. The webinar was hosted in partnership with Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership and Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program(NFP), the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC), and the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership. We were excited to have attendees joining us that represent a diverse array of organizations, professions, and geographic locations!

The webinar recording and webinar slides are available for viewing and download.

This April, we will be launching a national learning a learning collaborative in partnership with NNCC and NFP to help other organizations begin to plan and implement similar legal partnerships in a variety of settings. Please contact if you are interested to learn more!

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