Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Tanya’s Story

If you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, please contact the national domestic violence hotline for resources at or 1-800-799-7233.

During the month of October, domestic violence awareness month, we are reminded that domestic violence is not an individual problem, but a community problem. Over 12 million people each year are affected by domestic violence, yet many survivors live in shame and without access to the necessary legal protections and supports that they need to recover and live independently from their abusers. HELP: MLP routinely assists pregnant women and mothers who have experienced domestic violence. Tanya’s story, below, describes the ways in which civil legal aid attorneys assist survivors every day. In addition to providing direct legal services to survivors, HELP: MLP will continue to fight for policies and legislation that protect survivors and provide them with the critical benefits and supports that are necessary to live in recovery from abuse.

Tanya's Story PNG.png

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